SEO for Tommorows Niche Website

Starting a niche website can seem overwhelming, but the reality is, if you want to be competitive in today’s market you need an online presence. More importantly, if it’s your intent to engage new customers and business from your site you need to rank well in the search engines. Over the past year many webmasters are finding it more difficult to rank high on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). For many the changes to Google’s algorithm with Panda and Penguin, EMD and more recently Humming bird have changed the face of SEO forever. There have been more SEO changes in the last couple of years than in the prior decade.

This means that the days of SEO shortcuts to produce quick and easy results have all but disappeared, your online strategy today must focus on the long term SEO and slowly building your authority and online presence. Today and heading into the future you need to focus on great content, on-page optimization, and mobile optimization to start with. Following are some simple SEO tips.

1. Create original quality content. Visitors to your niche website are looking for fresh, high quality, interesting content that is grammatically correct and void of spelling errors. Visitors are coming to your site for a reason so keep your things simple and well designed so your reader will have a positive experience. Remember it’s not only visitors that are looking for excellent content the search engines are as well.

2. Focus on On-Page Optimization. Be sure to properly link your pages together internally.  Providing relevant links between your sites pages will make your site easier to navigate. It’s both the internal linking to your content and external links from other web sites that counts towards how well your site is ranked.

3. Utilize effective long tail keywords.  With the growth of mobile users and voice searches, long tail will become increasing necessary for good SEO. Make sure to use long tail keywords in your titles and headlines. Keep in mind your content is being written for humans not search engines.

4. Creates links to your site. In order to rank well with the search engines you need to have inbound links to your content. There are several methods for creating links; website comments, submitting your site to search engine and blog directories and forum profiles to mention a few. However, the best method would be to submit videos, pictures or articles to relevant authoritative sites with back links to your site

5. Utilize social media. Social media is very popular and continues to grow each day. Use it to your advantage and at the very least create a Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin account.

6. Optimize your site for speed. Both humans and search engines hate slow loading sites. If your site takes too long to load people will go to another site and search engines will rank your site lower.

7. Optimize your site for mobile devices. The number of potential visitors searching the web with their smart phones or tablets is growing daily. Keep your website design clean and simple and use a responsive design for your site.

Today’s SEO methods are more difficult than what they were just a few years ago. However, by following these simple tips you will discover that your niche website should see an improvement in rank and authority.


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  1. Thanks for the list of tips. There are several of these items that I always follow for seo on my sites but a few of them I never considered. I will be making some changes to my sites to improve seo.